So when I decided to go on a soul searching trip to China, I did not expect to come back still not having a clue on how to go about my dreams and goals. And then I realized that this is not an issue that I can resolve just by going on an escape trip for 3 months... but this is a great opportunity for some awesome pics. 

|DAY 1|

Arrived at Shanghai at 11pm, slept by 1am. Then not long after, my mom woke me up at 5am to go to the hospital with her because her body was experiencing discomfort. We almost canceled our 9-day trip around Shanghai but she stuck it out and we were on the bus, ready to go at 9am.

|DAY 2&3|

Qiandao Lakes, Hangzhou was quite the scenery. Xihu was also beautiful even when it wasn't the most pleasant sky to go with it. We ended the night with a musical/play of Hangzhou's most famous historical fairy tales. I also started to talk more to the other children from other families. 

|DAY 4|

I loved hanging out with everyone, Gary, Mimi, Kimberly... The Tea Village was literally the dream.

|DAY 5|

I was totally enjoying the process of making new friends. For the longest time, I felt like I was unable to make friends easily like that was something that I wasn't good at. But all it really takes is the right people.

|Day 6|

It's hard to believe that right when we were getting close with each other, the day to say goodbye is right around the corner. I was quite emotional that night, but kept most of it to myself. For me, I knew these people may or may not ever appear in my life again. What they have given me was happiness, and all I can gave back was the same in return, so I toughened up in the end and made sure that the goodbye wasn't that hard for any of us.