Left China to pursue a better life, and for sure that's what it did for me. But it's way more than just a better life. At the age of 11, I thought the road from home to school was the longest walk I will ever experience. I was proven wrong at the age of 12 with the distance I traveled on my first plane ride, to a completely foreign country. I learned a new language, a new way of life, and of isolation and helplessness. At 13, I was called a "freak" in relevance to the book Freak the Mighty. At 14, I proved myself of more than that with a dance at the first student talent show I started. At 15, I started working as a bus girl at a local Greek restaurant. At 18, I moved to NYC. At 19, I had never felt more alive. At 20, I learned how to love myself. At 21, I started to seek comfort in world of design and art. At 22, I opened for Flo Rida at Terminal 5. At 24, I am here, willing and desperate to grow. 



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Fiber Science Apparel Design (FSAD) Gold Mention 2010