#China2016 Pt.2

This was the part where I spent most of my trip back in my hometown. It's a little place called Mudanjiang and it's bordering Russia, which makes it very very cold in the winter, and we tend to have pretty dry summers. It was a lot of laying around and figuring things out, both about myself and "my people". 

China's a place that really requires the person to fully accept the pros and cons of learning about a country. So for me, I was accepting but also not liking some of the things that I saw and experienced. Keep in mind that I did live that for half of my life, I still couldn't adjust to some of the customs... maybe because I got too comfortable in America? 

Nonetheless, I did enjoy my time there, and mom got to see grandma for the last time so I'd say it was worth it. I'd do it again, but with better planning, more of a budget and maybe take a friend or someone else along instead of family.